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$8,300 + raised! Thank you!
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List of Sponsors

Without Danielle's sponsors, our wonderful friends, family and colleagues, she would not be able to realize her dream.
We would like to show our appreciation by listing all sponsors who helped Danielle on her journey to Maccabiah 2013 on this page. For corporate donations, we will even include a link to your website.
You can sponsor Danielle by making a donation on the Maccabi Canada web site in Danielle's honour. You will immediately receive a charitable donation tax receipt.
Thank you to the following generous people:
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Sam 
  • Liz
  • Mary E.
  • Hunter Turner
  • Philip Lillies
  • Garry Weinberg
  • Sharon A.
  • Lynda and Al Chwaiewsky
  • Judith
  • G. Simpson
  • Tracy Ferne
  • Soo Samler
  • Dorothy Wilson
  • Joanne
  • A. Raber
  • C. Poulin
  • G. Thom
  • A. Howitt
  • S. Campbell
  • N. Saumure
  • K. Sharkey
  • K. Taylor
  • A. Lee
  • K. Woodtke
  • Joanne and Sam
  • Mark Hammer
  • Chantal Amundsen
  • M. Laidlaw
  • M. L. Mageau
  • L. Poulin
  • Ahava Halpern and Frank Lavitt
  • Bob Charleau
  • D. Gauthier
  • Lorne and Louise Raber
  • Phil Lister
  • Carole and Arnold Shapiro
  • Sebastien Lanthien
  • Stronger You Martial Arts and Self Defence
  • Joanne Lejeune
  • Catharine Simms
  • Dr. Sherry Locke
  • Ann Morel
  • Monte and Myrna Raber

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